Mind, Body, and Wellness


Welcome to the Mind and Body section of myeloma.org, where you will find accessible and inclusive wellness resources for myeloma patients and caregivers. Here, members of the myeloma community find support and empowerment through education, community, and the practice of self-care.

Health and wellness matter to everyone, but it is especially important for patients with myeloma and those who care for them. Participation in a wellness program may help survivors and their caregivers feel better physically as well as improve emotional and spiritual well-being.

Explore the Mind and Body section of the website to find wellness education, movement, exercise, and mindfulness practices tailored for patients and caregivers. Begin your Mind and Body journey now to self-advocate for your wellbeing.


On this page, you will find breathing, relaxation, mindfulness meditation, and yoga exercises. We encourage you to explore the page and pick and choose which exercises work for you. We also ask that you use caution and only engage in an activity if it feels comfortable and safe for you. And most importantly, enjoy yourself and nurture your resilience!

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Patient Stories

This series of podcasts features messages of hope and resilience for myeloma patients, caregivers, and their loved ones.